SIHA players selected for Conference, England and GB

We would like to congratulate our Academy players who have been selected to represent Midlands Conference, England and GB teams. The players selected are as follows:

Conference 11s: Alex Graham, Sam Colton, Will Newcombe, Will Harper
Conference 13s: Liam Kirk, Kyle Watson, Marcus Neil, Tyler Nixon
Conference 15s: Cole Shudra, Oliver Simms, Joe Colton, Sam Jackson, Kyle Smith
Conference 17s:  Zack Brown, Ben Churchfield, Thomas Wells, Lyndon Taylor, Thomas Parkinson, Cameron Brownley, Thomas Barry
England 13s: Liam Kirk
England 15s: Cole Shudra, Joe Colton, Kyle Smith, Oliver Simms
England 16s: Tom Barry, Cameron Brownley, Kyle Smith
GB18s: Jonathan Kirk, Thomas Wells,  (Reserve:  Thomas Parkinson)
GB Women:  Reagan Downing, Emma Sanders

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