Academy Players Honour list

The Sheffield Ice hockey are proud to announce the following player achievements for the 2011/2012 season.

16 players made conference
under 11s – Curtis Warburton, Haris Hussain, Tyler Nixon, Marcus Neil, Alex Ibrahim
under 13s – Kyle Watson, Liam Kirk
under 15s – Thomas Barry, Harry Hinton, Kyle Smith, Cameron Brownley
under 17s – Jonathan Kirk, Lyndon Taylor, Tom Wells, Warren Gilfoyle, Joel Aheran

6 players made England
Under 13s – Liam Kirk
Under 14s – Sam Jackson
Under 15s – Thomas Barry, Cameron Brownley
Under 16s – Lyndon Taylor, Ben Churchfield

3 players made GB
Under 18s – Elliott Knell
Under 20s – Chris Sykes, Andy Hirst

Final League Positions
Under 10s –  2nd place
Under 12b – 3rd place
Under 12a – 2nd place
Under 14b – 7th place
Under 14a – 1st place
Under 16b – 5th place
Under 16a – 1st place
Under 18b – 9th place
Under 18a – 1st place

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